What’s in the Secret “High Octane” Sauce?

High Octane Traffic Systems was designed for people just like you to have a reliable place to go to get tools, information, input, and inspiration for the growth of your business. Together we have a combined 40+ years of experience to provide tools, education, experience and mentoring within the digital marketing and internet marketing business arena. 


We Understand Your Challenges…
And We Are Here to Help.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to get into online marketing but you don’t know where to start.
  • Your current traditional advertising methods aren’t working anymore, but it’s the only method you know.
  • You are running an online marketing campaign but you aren’t seeing any results.

If you have ever felt “overwhelmed” or “stressed out” with the seemingly insurmountable tasks of turning your dreams into a lucrative business (a business that supports your ideal lifestyle) then you are finally in the right place at the right time.

You Need More Than A Road Map To Succeed In Your
Business — What You Need Is a Good Tour Guide (or 3)

Everywhere you go today so-called “Guru’s” are handing out road maps…

  • There’s a road map to teach you how to create a website.
  • There’s a road map to teach you how to publish a newsletter.
  • There’s a road map to teach you how to call people.
  • There’s a road map to teach you how to mail people.
  • There’s a road map to teach you how to write ad copy.

There’s a road map to teach you how to do just about anything possible when it comes to building an online business. They come as eBooks, toolkits, software, audio products, videos, etc. Heck, we sell them ourselves. And they’re darn good, too!

But, road maps aren’t the only thing you need to be successful.

More than a road map that points the way, you need a tour guide to personally show you the way, explaining important things along the way … as they apply to YOU and YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.

Think about it like this: a road map can teach you how to write good ad copy, but it can’t tell you if you’ve actually written good ad copy. Right? I mean it doesn’t know if you’ve got a great sales letter on your hands, or if you’ve just got a bunch of words put together. It can’t comment on how to improve your specific sales page.

It’s just a friggin’ road map.

It’s great to have along to get you started, but what you need to go the distance is a tour guide to give you specific and precise feedback about what you’re doing. That’s where we can help you.

“You’ll be working directly with us…not one of our trainees or students!” You Will Get Our Expert Marketing Advice by Joining Our Monthly Coaching and Newsletter Program Today!”

You get specific answers to any of your Online and Offline Marketing questions.

The advantages of this type of guidance are clear…

Specific. We’ll give you specific feedback about how to improve your business. If you want to talk about your salesletter, then I’ll tell you how to make changes to get more people to buy. If you want to talk about your ezine, then I’ll explain how to get more profits from it. Specific strategies that you can begin using immediately to bring more profits to your business.

ASK US ANYTIME! We’ll communicate anytime you want to. How? Through a simple online help site. Ask us “anything” at “anytime”. Again, we’ll be answering you… not one of our staff or students!

Comprehensive. That’s right; you get to set the curriculum. Whatever is most important to you, that’s what we’re going to work on. Maybe it’s a salesletter. Maybe it’s driving traffic to your site. Maybe it’s creating a product. Maybe it’s publishing an ezine. Maybe it’s putting together a joint venture project. Doesn’t matter … it’s up to you. You call the shots. You let us know what you want to “figure out” and we’ll get it done.

Honest. You’ll always get our honest and forthright opinion. We won’t sugar coat it just to make you feel good. We’ll be kind and encouraging, but we’ll also call it like I see it. If your ad copy doesn’t have a chance of getting sales, we’ll tell you. If the product idea is horrible, then we’ll let you know. All the while, anytime you are heading off track, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Bottom line: it’s all about helping you build and improve your online business, addressing specific issues of importance to you. We’ll be the tour guides … you tell us where you want to go!


Kind Words From Just a Few of Our Clients…

I think this a great concept and it really is easy to put into practice. Do it once, twice… the third time is even easier. It works for everyone prepared to put a little effort into what they are doing! I personally recommend it to all my clients!
John Longmore
Unlike most “gurus” who try to step up the customer before delivering on what they already promised, you worked to help me earn the next level of investment. The instructions were very quite clear and everything was included that I needed to get up and running. You helped me work out the problems and kinks without making me feel that my dumb questions were really stupid (which looking back, I can see that they were.) Thank you.
Leslie Wise, MD
Using the offline strategies alone I’ve been able to increase my business leads by over 300%!
Stephanie Frank
The ideas are shockingly simple and easy to implement. I would’ve paid $500 + just for the section on “Promoting Your Business For Free” let alone the rest. Thank you so much for making it so easy to learn, I’ll be using these ideas to make tons of cashola for me and my clients… in fact I started yesterday!
Jay Simcic
Your marketing tips from your emails have proved to be invaluable to my online business. Thank you!
Tom Bice
This step-by-step guide is a virtual breakthrough in Internet Marketing Simplicity! Finally, someone has stripped away all of the extra fluff, leaving a simple, easy to follow pathway to success. Thanks!
Ralph Moore


Ready to Get Started?

After continuing to hear success story after success story from our clients we have decided to come out of the shadows, band together and allow a very limited number of  friends the opportunity to join our private little tribe.

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You will have access to tools that edge out your competition (and ours) with long-term pinpoint accuracy. You will be given step-by-step, time-proven systems that automate labor-intensive tasks from days to hours, and hours to minutes. You will get all this plus exclusive mentoring from three unique people who have helped generate a combined revenue for their clients (and themselves) in excess of $500 Million (and counting).

YES! I’m Ready to Join the High Octane Tribe!

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