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Reputation Management is the Easy Way to Fast Money in Your Pocket When You Take Charge of Your Client's Online Reputation With This Easy, Effective, and Affordable Plugin!

You can build them a great-looking website, get it ranked at the top of the search engines AND have a pristine presence on Social Media...

But it's ALL for nothing if they don't have positive reviews on Yelp, Google+, Yahoo Local, and any of the other online review sites. It's even worse if they have bad reviews out there.

Here's why:

  • 90% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions
  • 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more
  • Companies with positive reviews can convert 183% more new business than companies with negative or no reviews
  • Businesses can see an increase in sales of up to 58% thanks to good reviews
  • 80% of consumers change their minds about a purchase based only on negative online reviews
  • 70% consumers who read reviews share them with friends, family and colleagues
  • On average, one negative review can cost a business as many as 30 customers

Fact: someone with a bad experience is much more
likely to tell people about it than a good experience.

According to a recent MarketingCharts survey, 95% of respondents who have had a bad experience said they told someone about it, compared to 87% who shared a good experience. In fact, bad experiences were more likely to be shared across each of the social circles identified.

This can be very tricky for a business owner. (Or for you if your clients are business owners.)

Some people try to "game" the system by rewarding people for good reviews. Unfortunately, Yelp and others reviews sites say you are not allowed to reward customers for leaving reviews let alone a positive one.

If you try to cheat the system by hiring people to leave fake reviews this can easily backfire when this turn up on your Yelp page.


Bad news.

Even worse,  you could find yourself as part of a legal action and destroying your business as well.

Check out this headline from 2013.



So what's a business to do?

There are a few legitimate strategies out there for battling this problem but they are very expensive. You have to keep in mind this is a very labor intensive problem to try to resolve. A business owner can be looking at about a $2500+ setup fee with anywhere from $800 to $1500 a month price tag. OUCH!

With prices like those it's usually only top end clients can afford this type of service while the rest of the small businesses out there are left to fend for themselves.

Also consider this… If your customer are business owners, and they have bad reviews then they are not going to be your client for long if you do not address this problem for them.

I mean what is the point of getting your client to page one of Google
if a bunch of bad reviews are going to follow them like an albatross?

It becomes kind of a “Catch 22″ problem for you.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.

So how do get more of your happy customers to leave reviews while trying to head the bad reviews off at the pass AND at the same time keep everything above board, AND keep your overhead low so you can offer it to your client at an affordable cost?

Introducing... RepMan Survey Plugin!


At it's heart, RepMan Survey is designed to provide you (or your customers if you are a marketing agency) an easy, effective and affordable way to collect customer and visitor feedback at the time it matters most.

Why is this important?

Remember the numbers we showed you above?

To take those a step farther, Theresa LaMontagne, managing partner, senior practice lead analytics and insights for MEC North America, said that her company had achieved an 8-23% sales lift compared to initiatives that did not use this type of resource. “The payback on the analytics is quite high,” LaMontagne said. “The range of lift varies depending on the client and sector.”

What this application does is uses the power of surveys to filter through the customers with good experiences from those with not so good BEFORE they ever get to a review site.

It's BIG business techniques and strategies wrapped in a
package specifically designed for small to medium businesses.

Here's How it Works:

  • Step 1: Install and Setup the Plugin
  • Step 2: Tell Your Visitors to Complete the Short Survey
  • Step 3: Watch the Reviews Flow in!

Now you just need to have your client send every customer they can to the survey. The incentive will be what every reward you and your client came up with. Starbucks or Amazon gift card, 2 for 1, some service add on client can give.

Brainstorm and be creative.  The better the reward the more clients will take you up on taking the survey!

You get the opportunity to instantly address any negative feedback right there on the spot!

Best of all - it's all above board and 100% legal!

Limited Time Bonus Offer!!


Limited Time Bonus Offer

For your purchase of this Software today we will include this 20 page report that goes into detail the problems facing business owners with Reputation Management and clearly lays out the Do's and Don'ts of it.  Making a wrong move can easily destroy a business's reputation which can then lead to destroying their business.

This bonus will include the following:

checkmark-9   A copy of this report that is in an editable Word doc that you can brand with your own name in a Private Label Rights agreement giving you the clout and authority in your client’s perception on this imperative ‘new SEO’ standard for offline businesses.

checkmark-9Ebook image files that you can edit and brand.

checkmark-9Instructions on how to set up your own demo site.

checkmark-9Full access use of the videos that we use on our Demo Site.

checkmark-9 Personal invite to all our related training webinars and technical support.

checkmark-9Official RepMan Survey Distributor Badge that you can use for your website, cards, and marketing products should you decide to signup for our training course.


YES! I Want to Take Charge of My Online Reputation With This Easy, Effective, and Affordable RepMan Survey Plugin!

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  • The RepMan Survey WordPress Plugin
  • Complete User Guide and Instructions
  • Full Support via the High Octane Support Desk
  • Lifetime Plugin Updates
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Capture Reviews on Any Platform

In today's world you need to be flexible. With the Reputation Management Survey Plugin your website visitors, clients and customers can leave a review on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The easier it is, the more likely they are to leave you a shining review!

Order Now - and Protect Your Online Reputation!

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Frequent Questions:

  • q-iconDoes this only work on WordPress?

    Yes. RepMan Survey is a WordPress Plugin and requires a WordPress website for installation.

  • q-iconIs there a way to use it without WordPress?

    The plugin requires WordPress to work, but if you don’t have WP installed on your primary domain here are two of our recommendations. Option 1: Install WP into a folder under the sites root and call it something like  Option 2: Purchase the domain [company name] and install WP there.

  • q-iconDoes my purchase include future upgrades?

    Yes, as we add new features and enhancements to RepMan Survey will get those free of charge for life.

  • q-iconHow do I get support?

    We provide an online support desk at where we are happy to answer your questions. You can enter a ticket anytime, and our staff will respond usually within a few hours but always within one business day.

  • q-iconHow quickly can I install the plugin?

    Our User Guide outlines every step to get the plugin up and running. The process of setting this up is pretty straight forward you will have access to our support desk where I myself will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

  • q-iconCan I use this with my clients' sites?

    Yes, but each client needs to have their own license. If you have 20 or more clients and want to purchase licenses in bulk please open a request at

  • q-iconCan I see a demo before I buy?

    Yes, just visit to see the Plugin in action on our sample site.


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