Your Private Invitation to Join Our Winner’s Circle


We are putting all our energy into the Video Platform so no fancy salesletter here, we are 100% confident you’ll see the value of joining our “Winner’s Circle”.

The Winner’s Circle Mastermind Group will consist of you and 29 other people. That’s it. Each of us will take turns being the facilitator and “Person Who At The End Of The Day, Helps You Make More Money”.

We’ll meet as a group 12 times a year, and our meetings will go as follows:

Ten (10) of the meetings will be over the phone. During these phone sessions, we’ll select two members who’s “turn” it is for that meeting. Each meeting will be two hours, so each member gets an hour to have the entire group (including me) work on ways to make you more money.

Everyone gets a turn.

I can tell you from experience that this environment provides more breakthroughs than anything I’ve ever witnessed. The reason why it’s so powerful is because you get 30 “fresh sets of eyes” looking at your business from a new and different perspective.

Two of the meetings will be in person.

These in-person meetings will last two full days each. One of them will be in Oklahoma and will include “field trips” to my top secret office… officially known by “those in the know” as “The Profit Hatchery”.

During these meetings, we’ll work together on everyone’s business. We’ll take turns and you’ll be expected to provide two things:

  • 1) A specific outcome you’re wanting to get out of the meeting (AKA what you want us to help you with).
  • 2) An example of “What’s Been Working Well in Your Business Lately”. (This is like the show-n-tell part. This is also where the biggest discoveries for new profits will come from.)

Naturally, we’ll all be there to personally guide the meeting and offer advice, help, and new angles you might be missing.

The other meeting will be in exotic and fun locations like Aspen, Tahiti, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica or wherever we decide. We’ll set aside two full days for “official meetings” (just like the Oklahoma meeting) … and since we’re in complete control of our lives and our schedules, we’ll set aside as many other days for fun, games, and tom-foolery as we want.

(Participation in fun, games, and tom-foolery is mandatory.)

Yes, this is going to be fun. Yes, you’ll be part of a group the rest of the Online AND Offline World envies. Yes, I will be sharing stuff with you that I have never shared before. Yes, your life and your business will never be the same.

One Last Thing to Consider Before You Submit Your Application…

  • Dan Kennedy’s Mastermind Group costs over $15,000 per year and people are lined up waiting for spots to open up!
  • Frank Kern’s Platinum Mastermind costs $32,400 per year to join and is closed to the public. You can only join with a personal Invitation from Frank!

For many people these masterminds are financially “out of reach”. But these are the kind of people who have mentored us.

In fact, even with our phenomenal success we still spend over $3,000 per month to be mentored by the very best in the business. (A real pro never stops learning and growing).

And you’ll get instant access to ALL that knowledge – plus you’ll get the added advantage of our little supercharged “twist” – for a fraction of that price.

Consider this example…

Lee learned everything he knows about Direct Mail from the Masters of Direct Marketing Russ von Hoelscher and TJ Rohleder! (He don’t mess around with wanna-be’s).

Now, he put his “twist” on their techniques and he’s seeing 18% response rates and 6-8% conversion rates – that’s about 300% better than theirs have ever been!

And instead of handing you a home-study course and wishing you luck like other folks, we want to personally work with 30 of our most ambitious and success-minded clients and friends to help you achieve the kind of success you have been dreaming of!

You’ll be getting the same guru-level knowledge and insight that has propelled us to super-success within a few short and exciting years. And you’ll get this same level of information at a fraction of the cost PLUS it will be specifically suited to fit around YOUR business and YOUR goals!

Your door to success is right in front of you – all you gotta do is step through.

Remember, for the minimal investment of just a little more than what the Video Platform will cost on its own when we release it, you get:

  • Video Submission Platform. Instant BETA Access to our supercharged Video Submission Platform (plus the opportunity to help NAME the tool and win great prizes if your name is chosen!)

  • Weekly FAQ Call. We’ll open up for answering your questions LIVE and will discuss the ever-changing marketplace along with time-proven and cutting-edge strategies for achieving  massive success online (and offline).

  • “Wine, Dine and Mastermind”. Every month, you have first dibs to meet with Jim, CJ, or Lee, in person over dinner with no more than 8 others to mastermind, strategize and discuss the finer points of your business challenges.

  • Lifetime Price Lock. When you lock in your membership today your price is guaranteed to never go up, no matter how many new benefits we add to the Video Tool or Founders Club for as long as you are a member.

  • High Octane Profiteers Club Membership. Free access to hang out online in our private High Octane Profiteers Club! Swap ideas, exchange tips, learn new tricks and be the first to hear about everything we have planned.

  • 12 Winner’s Circle meetings per year. Ten of these will be by phone. Two of these meetings will be in person, in Oklahoma or some exotic location of our choosing!

  • And a ton more stuff. Hey if you know us you know we believe in massively over-delivering but we’re not ready to reveal everything quite yet…

Plus, as a member of the Winner’s Circle, you will have first access to all products, exclusive group events, and fun stuff we have planned.

We are only accepting 30 people. If you’re accepted, we’ll let you know by  and you’ll be flown to a secret location to undergo your initiation. (Just kidding. Sort of. But seriously…)

At this super-low price, we just CANNOT take more than 30 people. So if you’re one of the ones we have to turn down please don’t hold it against us – it’s definitely not personal.

And we’ll put you on the waiting list in case a spot opens up. 

NOTE: This will be a minimum of $5988/year ($499/month) after June 1st!

Your investment is only $924 for the first year
(or you can make 3 easy payments of $388)

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