Are You CONFUSED About How To “Mine” Facebook For The Biggest, And Most Profitable Leads? (Without Breaking Their Rules?)


Facebook is HUGE! There’s no doubt about it. And within that 250 Million people who login to Facebook every single day you can find your perfect target audience – IF you know where (and how) to find them.

So here’s the deal…

  • If you have started (or want to start) advertising your business on Facebook but you aren’t sure how to harness the power of Facebook such that only the TARGETED INDIVIDUALS that are interested in your offer will be shown your ad…

  • Or there may even be engagement on your fan page, but the conversion rate is so low there is no way you could break even.

  • Or if you’re CONFUSED On How To “Mine” Facebook For The Biggest, And Most Profitable Leads…

You really don’t need to be any more.

Look, I know there is so much to learn and many ideas and strategies to adopt. If you’re not careful enough, it could seem so overwhelming, and you may end up burning a hole in your pocket.

You could train for 10 hours a day and still not know everything you need to know.

So we decided to make it easy for you and compile all we know about getting profitable Facebook leads into a simple SOFTWARE anyone can use to legally ‘’MINE’’ Facebook for the BIGGEST AND MOST TARGETED LEADS…


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The Most Shocking Thing Is, THIS TOOL…

…does not require any advanced learning

…does not require a heavy investment

…It also does not require doing anything shady (like the others)


This is for a select group of people like you.

People who want to really succeed in business, that’s the LeadFinder Pro is a complete lead finding animal carefully crafted  to take you through the whole hog of getting targeted traffic, or visitors  to your offer.

It’s a complete LEAD MINING ANIMAL.

If you’re an experienced IM expert, business man or a complete newbie, that’s more reason why you need to get the LeadFinder Pro.

It also doesn’t matter which niche market you’re in, this software will have you generating targeted LEADS faster.

I can go on and on talking, but here’s cinch of what people had to say about the ListFinder Pro.

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With this Facebook Lead Machine, you’ll uncover:

  • The shockingly simple and effective method to finding TARGETED Facebook leads

  • Sell 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, and even 10 times more of your products and services

  • The major shortcut tactic for generating waves of leads, subscribers and followers using Facebook.

  • The single, greatest Facebook marketing secret that hardly anyone talks about and yet, all of the world’s greatest bloggers use (it’s not what you think).

With LeadFinder Pro it will allow you to search for TARGETED individuals in your niche. This is what the TOP PLAYERS in your niche use to generate a pool of loyal audience. (It also saves valuable TIME).

  • No more failing at Facebook advertising by targeting a dead audience.

  • You can ethically steal leads off Facebook like so many IM experts like do.

  • This will BLOW the lid off your lead generation to quickly make all of your Facebook campaigns pull in profitable results

  • Crazy simple, effective methods to finding pages with the most engagement, and fan page owners for possible partnerships (no matter the niche you’re in)

  • And, so much more..

Who Should Get This Powerful Tool?

  • Online business owners who are finding it difficult find their TARGET market and understand that their online success depends on driving loads of targeted traffic.

  • Business owners who are looking for an economical way to drive lots of TARGETED traffic from Facebook.

  • Those who are teachable and ready to take action almost immediately!

How Much Does FB Lead Finder Cost?

I’ve seen other tools that don’t work as well as LeadFinder Pro sell for as much as $197.00 per month.

But we won’t be charging you that. We want to make this affordable for everyone…

So when you act right now your cost is only $97.00 $19.97 per month for FULL ACCESS to the only lead mining tool on the market (that we know of) right now that still works with Facebook.


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Jim OrrLead Finder Pro